Bortársaság - Ius Naturae, the drink of the summer


Bortársaság - Ius Naturae, the drink of the summer

Good wines and authentic winemakers, who have been around for over 20 years - this is what the name of Bortársaság means. The Bortársaság store at MOM Park contributes to the world-famous Hungarian wine-culture with a range of nearly 700 wines and 70 distillates accompanied by competent colleagues and high quality products.

The best drink tip of the summer also comes straight from the experts of Bortársaság: Ius Naturae, the organic Prosecco made from the Bortolomiol family's own grapes, has been on the store's shelves for 5 years, yet it still remains one of the most popular summer drinks. The mineral and floral aromas, the pear, the acacia honey and the almond flower provide a refreshing, yet powerful and long-lasting taste.

Discover the offers of Bortársaság at MOM Park and taste the most refreshing summer wines!

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