3 tips to choose the most delicious bread!


3 tips to choose the most delicious bread!

According to the traditions, the first bread was made on St. Stephen’s Day with the freshest wheat every year. The harvest has ended by this time, and the „new” breads have been blessed in a special and ceremonious way. Today you can find many types on shop’s shelves, so it is not easy to choose if you are looking for a good quality bread. It is worth to consider three things so you can taste a delicious one on the Feast of Bread Blessing.

When you choose bread, it is worth getting to know the ingredients first. White bread contains only white flour, half-brown bread contains rye flour and white flour. Wheat bread is also made from mixed flour, but there is a difference between rye bread and rye bread. It is also worth being clear with the exact ratio of ingredients of whole grain breads, this „title” can be obtained by any bread that contains at least 1% of whole grain flour. Shortcomings due to the lack of accelerated procedures are often replaced by artificial substances which highly affect the bread’s taste. So, it is worth consumingbreads that are made with natural ingredients and traditional techniques. You can find out about the ingredients on the packaging, but you can also inquire in the bakeries to make sure you take home what you really want to consume!

Many believe that good bread can only be made from perfect sourdough aged for days and can only be baked in a furnace. The á Table! bakery, in MOM Park is on the same opinion, where customers can buy breads made from Normandy flour, knead and matured traditionally and baked in a furnace. You will be more than satisfied with a traditional sourdough bread, so if you can, choose this type!

The third aspect that we usually forget about, is the expiry date. If a bread does not have an expiry date, it is likely to be a 24-hour bread, so if we do not consume it within this time, its quality will deteriorate. It does not matter if we buy the most delicious bread, it will not give the same taste experience after a day that we expected. So, it is worth thinking fresh and buy as many as you need. Bagatelle MOM Park also awaits you with fresh bread every day! From artisan breads and pastries to special sandwiches made in their own bakery, Bagatelle proves that a delicious meal demands quality ingredients. If you would like to purchase bread and dessert for lunch at the same time, Szamos confectionery is the way to go!

Try MOM Park’s bakeries’ special breads and pastries and set off to your quest to find the perfect one!

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