MOM Park Card


  • Requesting your first MOM Park Card. The card may be requested in person for free at MOM Park’s Information desk with the minimum of HUF 5.000 top-up. Registration is compulsory for the process.




  • An amount of HUF 5.000– HUF 250.000 may be added to the MOM Park Card at the Information desk. Further top-ups may be added as a minimum of HUF 2.000.
  • The continuously updated list of participating businesses and the discounts of certain shops are available here.


Gift card

  • Give MOM Park Card as a present and top it with an amount of HUF 5.000 - HUF 250.000 at the MOM Park Information desk.
  • The amount charged on the gift card can be purchased in shops accepting MOM Park Card.
  • The gift card comes in a special case.

mom park card as a parking card

(applies for limited top-ups)


On weekdays:

  • The first hour of parking is free in case of using the card to enter the parking lot.
  • An extra hour of parking is granted for toppings of HUF 5.000 and more that may be used within 30 days after the day of topping. The extra hour is added to the MOM Park Card at the moment of topping at the Information Desk.


On Saturdays:

  • The first hour of parking is free with a MOM Park Card and a parking ticket
  • 3 hours of free parking may be requested with a MOM Park Card and a parking ticket for purchases over 25.000 HUF that may be used exclusively on the day of purchase upon showing the receipt at the MOM Park Information desk.


On Sundays and on holidays:

  • Parking is free on Sundays and on holidays at MOM Park.

With CinemaMOM ticket:

  • When purchasing a cinema ticket, indicate at the CinemaMOM ticket office that MOM Park Card holders and their company will add 2 hours of free parking to their card, which can be used for 24 hours from the time it is topped up.


A A card balance
  • for shopping and parking: 0 Ft
  • Balance for parking only:0 Ft
Total balanc: 0 Ft


Use your MOM Park Card in the following shops and enjoy the discounts:

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