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The RESERVED apparel label offers women’s and men’s apparel and accessory items in 11 European countries. Fashion lovers can find the freshest trends, and the slickest colours and styles in the various collections, with which they can express their own individual style. The RERSERVED designers have modelled their newest collections with passion, high quality as always, but at accessible prices. In-demand top model Cara Delevingne represents the Reserved label in the newest BE INSPIRED campaign.

We distinguish 3 lines of the RESERVED label:

· CITY: Elegant style, for young, urban women and men who choose modern elegance in their everyday apparel.

· CASUAL: This style is perfect for both weekends and days spent away from work. Ideal apparel for less formal occasions.

· YOUNG & FASHION: This style was created for the younger generation, who are still seeking their own individuality, and who are open to novelty and change. They are inclined to bold but stylish pieces.

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