Parking fee

We would like to inform all car park underground parking lot users that the parking fee is 280 forints/30 minutes after every started half an hour however, on Sundays and holidays parking is free. Parking payment stations are to be found at the Shopping center’s exits towards the underground garage.

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- cash –

- bank and credit card (VISA, Master Card, Maestro)

- with MOM Park Loyalty Card at the bar

- via mobile payment methon by the information of the parking meter/p>



On weekdays:

- 280HUF / half hour




- the first hour is free -

- additional 3 hours free in case of purchase above 25 000 HUF in MOM Park on the day of shopping -


- Saturdays: 10 am – 9 pm -

- At the Info desk, on Alkotás level by showing the receipt(s) of purchase -

- The receipts given for the purchases can be combined -

- Also for MOM Park Card owners -

*For further discounts and their conditions available at stores please inquire in the stores or at the information desk.


With CinemaMOM ticket:

If you show your cinema ticket at MOM Park Information Desk or at the MOM Park's Garage Manager's office (0-24), our colleagues will validate the 3 hours of free parking on your card for the same day your cinema ticket is valid for.



In case of purchase above 5 000 HUF is SPAR the parking is for free. (You can only validate your ticket at Spar)



From Monday to Saturday:

- Free parking for the first hour

- With a minimum top-up of HUF 5,000, we provide an extra 1 hour of free parking (it will be added to the card when top-up), which can be used for 30 days from the day of top-up -

On Saturday:

- The first hour of parking is free with the MOM Park Card -

- With the MOM Park Card, you can request 3 hours of free parking for a purchase of HUF 25,000 or more, which is only available on the day of purchase, at the MOM Park information desk (by presenting the purchase block(s))



From September 1, 2022, we provide 5 hours of free parking for the disabled in the MOM Park underground garage, at the parking office at the Alkotás út exit, they can claim the discount after presenting the disabled card.



Loss of parking ticket:

- 5 000 HUF -


Damaged or loss of long-term parking pass:

- 6 000 HUF -


Maximum drive out time after payment is 20 minutes.

Electric vechicle charging station

There are 4 e-charging stations at the Csörsz Street entrance on the P1 level (purple block) of MOM Park’s garage, while another 12 e-charging stations are available for our customers on the P2 level (purple block).

The tariffs of the usage of electric car chargers changes from 14 May 2021 as the following: Charging fees are 99 HUF/kWh (starting at 0. minutes) and extra 4 HUF/minute (after the 120th minute started). Night rate (8:00 pm - 6:00 am): 65 Ft/kWh. Normal parking rates apply during charging as well.

The e-charging stations can be used with the free downloadable drivE.ON mobile application. For detailed instructions on charging with the application, look for the information posted at the charging station.

Free wifi

In the area of MOM Park shopping center you can access Wi-Fi for free.

Info desk

In case you have any questions related to the shopping center and its shops and services, you may turn with confidence to our staff at the information desk on the Alkotás level. You can also reach them by telephone on the following number: +36 1 487 5500.

Pet friendly

MOM Park is a petfreindly shopping center. To make your stay convenient please read the Rules of house.

MOM Park Card

MOM Park Card can be used as the method of payment, parking card or can be given as a gift card. The card is to be requested for free of charge at the MOM Park Info desk.

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A A card balance
  • for shopping and parking: 0 Ft
  • Balance for parking only:0 Ft
Total balanc: 0 Ft


MOM Park’s playhouse awaits the kids with a 700 sqm play area on the third floor. The family friendly playhouse welcomes children with two connecting birthday rooms and a mini coffee shop, which offers lots of baked goods and healthy snacks. The children will be engaged by a two-level labyrinth, bunches of small cars and motorcycles, creative games, toy houses, a fully stocked kitchen and a mini store. It also has a fenced off, soft on all sides baby island for the smallest children and a salt pit for the accommodate kids with allergies or a predisposition for croup coughs to heal by playing.

The Playhouse can be accessed with the elevator on the 1st floor next to the entrance of CinemaMOM.

Baby care room

For hygienic and dietary purposes please visit the baby care room in the 1st floor, where you can get yourself and your baby comfortable.

Lost & found

In the case of losing or finding objects in the area of the shopping center, please turn to the Info desk.

Luggage lockers

While shopping, it is not necessary to carry your packages with you: they can be placed in one of the luggage lockers on the Alkotás level, opposite to the information desk. The lockers function with 100-forint or 1-euro coins placed in the door, which are returned after use. The left luggage lockers operate during the opening hours of the shops.

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