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At Dyson we use technology and innovation to focus on solving everyday problems that others have ignored. And the most effective way to understand these technologies is through experience.

That's why we created the Dyson Demo Zone, where you will learn about the key technologies, devices, the engineering knowledge and scientific results. Experts are ready to answer any questions you may have and show you the innovative solutions.

Get to know our Gen5detect™ wireless vacuum cleaner, which uses its illuminated floor head to make invisible dirt visible to the naked eye. Thanks to the built-in dust and crevice vacuum cleaner, you can turn it into a hand-held vacuum cleaner in no time. Style your hair without extreme heat with the latest hair care appliances from Dyson. Experience the efficiency of Dyson air purifiers.

Try out our latest technologies in the Dyson Demo Zone on the 1st floor, or take a look around our shop here or visit for more information!

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