Autumn picnic props


Autumn picnic props

It is worth taking advantage of the autumn sun rays and going outdoors, having a romantic picnic in the nearby park! Let’s take a look at the foods and supplies you should definitely pack if you are planning such a program!

At the autumn picnic, it is worth paying special attention to excluding cold and moisture with the blanket on which you will sit. Therefore, it is advised to put a polyfoam under the cover in order to maintain our health! Because of the cooler days, layered clothing is also important, but an extra blanket is also considerable! You can get polyfoams at Hervis, super blankets and pillows at BUTLERS! And if you want to add stylish and quality pieces to your accessories, it is definitely worth coming here. In addition to the picnic basket, prepare several trays to make sure that food and drinks do not tip over on uneven ground. Make sure you have a plate, glass, cutting board and a super knife, do not forget to get some wipe paper or a dish towel too if you are in MOM Park.

During this period, weather can cool down in no time, so it is important to heat your body from the inside if you spend time outside! Take care of the hot drinks and tea, which you can keep warm for a long time in a thermos. Bortársaság offers a selection of premium wines from many wineries! Choose a full-bodied red, it will perfectly accompany the autumn atmosphere! If you take wine with you, do not forget to prepare the wine opener.

You can give the picnic even more special feeling with tasting seasonal flavours! In SPAR you will find sweet fruits and countless different cheeses, and in Fruccola you can choose from many delicious salads! If you are there, take some freshly squeezed juice with you. Bagatelle MOM Park offers quality pastries and breads to prepare for your picnic. And the mini-cakes available in á table! and Szamos are not only delicious, but also practical! Choose from the wide variety offers of MOM Park and prepare for the perfect autumn picnic.

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