Back to nature!


Back to nature!

Despite the fact that the gyms are closed, you should not give up on sports! Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. Here are some forms of movement you can do in nature, to refresh your body and soul!

It relieves stress, strengthens the immune system. If you exercise outdoors, it has a particularly good effect on your body because of the extra oxygen! You can also enjoy the benefits of sunshine. Fresh outdoor air and natural light provide more energy for the mind and body. Spring sunshine provides the vitamin D that you need and the sun will lift your spirit!

The hiking trails of the Buda Hills are a perfect place for several outdoor sports. If you have not thought of hiking as a sport before, now is the time to try doing it regularly. We are more than sure that your opinion will change! The forest walk also shapes the calf, thighs, and butt area, all without even noticing, as you admire the beauty of the blooming spring landscape! If you are on the next level, you can try trail running! This also has a great effect on the lungs and blood circulation. Another great benefit: it can help a lot in stretching and expanding your own boundaries, improving endurance and self-confidence!

Not a big fan of running? Let us hop on a bike! The gain of cycling are almost as endless as the country lanes you could soon be exploring. After a while, it will also be easy as a pie to do your daily to do list on two wheels in the city center! Why is it so cool? It moves our muscles while sparing the joints, as most of our weight is held by the bike. You may want to change your route from time to time, so you have to cycle uphill more and more! Whatever exercise you choose, do not forget to take care of energy and fluid refill! In the Scitec Nutrition store you will find all the necessary accessories to get the most suitable food and liquid while exercising!

If you combine exercise with a special experience, or even with children, regular horseback riding can be a perfect recharge! It brings us out into the fresh air and closer to nature. And there is nothing like loving a horse, except for knowing that the same horse loves you back. Riding not only builds muscles but also improves endurance and posture, and it can also be a great family program! At MOM Park, although still just as a takeaway, you can arrange a healthy breakfast before sports or after exercise, with a wide selection waiting for you or to enjoy a nutritious lunch or dinner!

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