Birthday Terrace Opening at Localino


Delicious dishes, refreshing cocktails, and pleasant music await everyone at the Localino event on May 16th – it's worth arranging your table reservation in advance!

The highlight of the evening will be an exclusive three-course menu for only 9,990 HUF, featuring specialties such as white wine mussels, hazelnut-crusted salmon steak, Pizza Rustica with rich toppings, or vegan chocolate soufflé – and these are just a few dishes from the offer! Alongside dinner, guests can choose from eight different cocktails, including alcohol-free versions, so that everyone can join in the toast.

In addition to the culinary delights, the organizers ensure a good atmosphere with music, making it perfect for an unforgettable spring evening. Seats are available for a 2-hour duration, so it's advisable to book a table as soon as possible at +36 (1) 618 0106 or through the Localino reservation page:

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