Changes in our shop’s opening hours


Changes in our shop’s opening hours

Dear Guests,

Further restrictive measures have been announced by the Hungarian Government in the context of the constantly evolving Coronavirus situation. All shops and restaurants except grocery stores (also including Scitec Nutrition, Anita Delicate, Bagatelle MOM Park, Szamos, Bortársaság), drugstores, banks, posts, currency exchange, tobacco shops, and pharmacies will be open until 3 PM starting from 17 March 2020. The cinemas have been closed. Some stores are also closed and we are constantly updating the information on our website regarding this matter. We do our best to keep MOM Park safe and secure. Necessary actions were taken to ensure that cleaning of public areas, restrooms, and surfaces is done even more efficiently with suitable cleaning supplies. Please also ensure to have the best possible care for yourself and others!

We take great care of the necessary precautions:

✔️ more efficient cleaning of common areas, restrooms, surfaces with more intensive special cleaning and disinfectant supplies

✔️ disinfection of banisters, elevators, buttons, railings, escalators, walkways, benches and other furniture, and all other utensils is a priority

✔️ hand sanitizers were installed in all restrooms

✔️ thanks to the maximum cooperation of our stores, the above measures are implemented in all units of MOM Park

Your cooperation is also needed. If you have been to a foreign country in the last two weeks and/or have the following symptoms, such as - fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain - please follow the recommendations at!

Please also ensure to have the best possible care for yourself and others!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

MOM Park

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