Cosmetic Bag Update: Essential Summer Products


Whether you're preparing for a vacation or simply want to make the most of your everyday life, the beauty products from the stores at MOM Park will help you shine your brightest even on hot days!

If you haven't done so recently, it's time to review the contents of your cosmetic bag and refresh it with the must-have products of the season!

In summer, the importance of sun protection cannot be emphasized enough. Since even very high-factor sunscreens need to be reapplied throughout the day, always keep a sunscreen in your bag that you can use anywhere, anytime. A spray format is practical as it can be easily applied even over makeup – at Evital Pharmacy, you can choose from various brands of sunscreens to suit your needs. On hot days, it is worth replacing heavy foundation with a light-textured, tinted BB cream from dm, which gives the skin a natural, fresh appearance.

You can also complement your makeup bag with a few practical, summer makeup products. Instead of heavy, dark shades, a subtly shimmering powder will look much better in the sunlight. A versatile highlighter from Douglas can easily become your favorite product, as it can make cheeks, shoulders, and eyelids glow and look refreshed at any time.

Glossy shades look beautiful on the lips in summer, but it is worth choosing a lipstick that also provides nourishment during the hot season. Müller offers various hydrating products containing oils, which are an ideal choice for this time of year.

Waterproof mascara is almost essential during beach season – with Bobbi Brown's product, you can make your eyes look more open and radiant with a single stroke, without worrying about smudging from sweat or water.

If you're spending the day in the city, you can refresh yourself with a vibrant summer fragrance. The New Notes Cocktail Maracuja from Le Parfum offers a truly fruity, exotic aroma that fits the season perfectly.

Even with proper sun protection, it's important to replenish your skin's hydration before bed. Adrienne Feller's facial oils can help with this, as their cold-pressed, premium plant oils and vitamins hydrate and regenerate the cells, ensuring that your skin starts the next summer day looking radiant and beautiful.

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