Culinary Specialty: Azorean Dairy Products


BOCCA Gourmet Stories, which opened last October, continuously expands its selection, this time introducing flavorful and nutrient-rich Azorean dairy products.

With over three thousand delicacies now available, their range includes pastas, rices, sweets, cookies, specialty teas and coffees, soft drinks, spices, sauces, creams, pâtés, and preserves. Additionally, their delicatessen counter offers various cheeses, cold cuts, and multiple antipasti options. Moreover, premium sandwiches and cold platters made from premium ingredients are now also available for order.

Their product line has now been enriched with Azorean dairy products: thanks to the salty air, pleasant climate, vast untouched areas, and the unique blend of indigenous plants on the islands, the milk from the cows living here is exceptionally delicious and nutrient-rich. It's no wonder that these products enjoy immense popularity worldwide. The unique delicacies of the islands, including various pasteurized and unpasteurized milk, butter specialties, cheeses, and cocoa, are now available at BOCCA Gourmet Stories!

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