Fill your home with flowers in style


Fill your home with flowers in style

Decorating our home with flowers is a great decision not only because it makes it beautifully styled and unique, but also because it makes our apartment more vibrant! In fact, they can even have a positive effect on our mood, create a relaxed atmosphere and according to some research, can even increase our creativity. Therefore, if you can, do not give up on them in any way, even if you do not want to change fresh flowers in the vase every two days!

First, you need to decide whether to decorate your home with cut flowers or potted plants. It is worth picking from a mix of them: the cut flowers look super on the dining room or smoking table, but the potted flowers can be more of a starring role on the bookshelf or on the small cabinet next to the sofa.

If you want to give up the cut flowers just because you are afraid it has to be changed often, do not. With proper care, they will bloom beautifully in the vase for several weeks! To do this, it is important to cut back the stem of the flower oblation when you get home. Then give them fresh water daily and every 2-3 days it is also worth washing and disinfecting the vase. If you still do not leave it to chance, choose a tropical type of plant in the vase. They can decorate your home for up to a month. The least durable plants are the field and garden flowers, but with the earlier mentioned attention they will also be fragrant in your apartment for days!

As captivated as you are by beautiful colours and floral poemsflower creations, do not get away from the unique atmosphere and style of your home during your choice. Think about what the guiding colors are for you and choose flowers that complement and harmonize with them nicely! MOM Park Arioso's shop offers expert help and wonderfully beautiful flower bouquets to fill your home with life! And if you are looking for the right style vase, stop by BUTLERS to make sure you find it.

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