Heavenly Spring Desserts


Heavenly Spring Desserts

As summer approaches, more and more people wish for fresh fruity sweets. With the good weather coming, there is also a greater supply of ingredients on the shelves of supermarkets, which is perfect for giving a twist to some easy-to-make sweets and pastries!

Start the morning with a fresh croissant or with a waffle and various fruits! Cut a few strawberries, bananas or outs, serve pomegranates and blueberries alongside the pastries. If you are thinking of a quick-to-create, tasty and healthy dessert, make a blueberry muffin. All you have to do while keeping the original muffin recipe, as a last ingredient, gently stir 20-25 ounces of blueberries into the dough, making sure the grains do not break and it can go right into the oven!

Would you like to try a dessert made from fresh vegetables? Bake a delicious carrot cake. If you like to experiment, take a look around in Tchibo and try exciting new baking moulds, or give your kids a taste of the cheerful cake decorations of Szamos Marcipán! For lunch, the perfect addition to the fruits is a fresh pastry: pop into Bagatelle MOM Park and buy real craft delicacies! Not only did you make a delicious and healthy dessert, but also a dazzling creation for the eye? Upload it to Instagram using #staywithmompark and inspire others!

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