How to choose the perfect perfume


How to choose the perfect perfume

A well-chosen perfume is as important to complement our look as a stylish bag or a super make-up. Here are some tips on how to find the right one for you!

The first and most important task is to know exactly what you want! Not which perfume you are looking for but the occasion to use it for. Would you like to choose from the right type for the season? Looking for accessories for everyday wear or festive occasions? Do you want a day or night scent? If you do not know what your soul may desire, check out the shower gels and creams in your bathroom before you go, or you can look again at your favorite candles, because you probably really like their fragrances.

To find the perfect perfume, it is also important to learn the basics, which in this case means three categories. EDC or Eau de Cologne is a collection group of perfumes with a concentration of oil of about 2-5%. These are usually citrus and herb-based, light scents, which are recommended for summer days and evaporate from the skin relatively quickly. EDT or Eau de Toilette perfumes have an oil concentration of about 4-8%. This is the golden mean between light and powerful choices and it is suitable for almost every occasion. Fragrances with a concentration of about 8-15% perfume oil are already classified in the Eau de Parfum category. Such bottles are an intense and powerful mixture, so although they used to be traditionally characteristic of women's cologne, they are now also becoming more popular on men's shelves. If you choose one of them, it is a serious commitment, because its smell will accompany you for many hours. Like any of the products in the category at the top of the perfumes, real perfumes have a concentration of about 15-25% of oil. These products can last for days, so ordinary users do not choose from them very often. The concentration of fragrance oil should also be monitored because perfumes are more difficult to decompose on drier skin types, so it is recommended to choose stronger, minimum EDT perfumes.

It is important to spray the different scents on paper strips first! After 3-4 minutes, smell them again, because by then the primary fragrances will be evaporated from the perfume and other ones can be felt again. Do not rush, wait for the real character of the perfume to unfold. This can take up to 30 minutes. That is why you cannot buy perfume in a hurry. Due not only to the unfolding of scents, but also to the possible fatigue of our noses, it is worth inserting small breaks! While you wait, enjoy a delicious coffee or discover the wonderful sweets of MOM Park's pastry shops. Finally, select two fragrances, of which you blow a little on one wrist and the other. If you smell them after hours and still like them, you will know for sure that you have made the right decision and they will be guaranteed personal favorites!

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