Hydrate your skin and welcome the new season!


Proper facial care is important in every weather: don't forget about it in spring either! With MOM Park, you can prepare for the transition period and get your skin ready for the bright sunshine coming in from the late winter clouds.

Think ahead for a complete renewal! MOM Park helps you stay up-to-date with the latest cosmetic trends. After the extreme winter weather, regenerating and re-energising is the most important thing to do for spring skincare!

Bobbi Brown, as always, has thought of your needs: one of the new packs in the brand's seasonal collection includes Extra Repair Eye Cream Intense, a cream that replenishes the eye area, and Extra Repair Moisture Cream Intense, a gel rich in vitamin C that smoothes the complexion – these pieces are available with a limited-edition handbag. As well as expert advice, Evital pharmacy also offers trusted products, including Estedherm, a product with a high concentration of vitamin C that visibly and permanently improves skin quality.

The Barber Shop also has a few surprises in store: their Forever Young serum is deeply hydrating thanks to hyaluronic acid, and its bio-saccharide ingredient helps to reduce wrinkles. Finally, finish off your look with Alverde Pure Shine lip gloss from dm: this vegan natural cosmetic nourishes your lips with castor and jojoba oils.

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