Let's Get into the Summer Spirit!


Summer is just around the corner, it's time to prepare for it! Although it hasn't officially arrived on the calendar yet, it's drawing near, and the weather is becoming increasingly pleasant, so it's natural to start gearing up now. The beautiful weather in May is the perfect transition into our favorite season. For a refreshing start, there couldn't be a better companion than MOM Park, as you'll find everything here to kickstart your summer.

The most spectacular part of renewal is refreshing our wardrobe. If you're a fan of elegant and unique pieces, premium brands with seasonal collections like Karl Lagerfeld, Gerry Weber, or NUBU await you.

Let's step out onto the balcony or into the garden and bring a more cheerful atmosphere there too! From BUTLERS' ever-changing range, you can enhance any part of your home with tasteful and imaginative home decor products, making outdoor relaxation even more comfortable. Additionally, a well-placed, beautiful bouquet can be a decoration for your home, easily sourced from Arioso.

It's always nice to lean back, pick up an irresistible novel with an exciting plotline, or enjoy a glass of wine while shutting out the outside world and having a good conversation. For the former, you can rely on the shelves of Anima Bookshop and Libri, while for the latter, the knowledgeable staff at Bortársaság will be at your service.

Visit us, and we'll surely bring the summer spirit to you!

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