Rural Idyll in Home Decor


Are you drawn to the tranquil, rustic countryside life? At MOM Park stores, you can find romantic accessories that create a familiar yet modern idyll, whether you wish to evoke this lifestyle at home or refresh the décor of your vacation house.

The cottagecore trend, named after English country houses, has been popular in interior design for years, and it’s easy to find its nostalgic charm here as well. The style is characterized by warm colors, natural materials, and organic patterns that create a cozy and calm atmosphere – easily incorporated into various rooms with a few new accessories. A rattan side table and a rose-colored vase in the living room, or summery bed linen in the bedroom from BUTLERS, will instantly lend a fresh vibe. Arioso's gold planter also fits perfectly into this trend, adding a touch of luxury to the overall look and blending seamlessly with modern-style homes.

In the dining area, you can evoke the ambiance of countryside retreats with a floral dinner set from the Tchibo collection. If you wish to refresh your workspace, pastel-colored storage from Pirex Papír can introduce a hint of vintage style to the space.

Once you’ve created a harmonious atmosphere, acquire some engaging reads from Libri Bookstore or Inmedio stores, and enjoy your relaxation!

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