Sports Holiday in Spain


Are you fond of spending your leisure time actively? Join Vista's holiday in Spain, where relaxation will intertwine with squash as the main attraction!

Vista Travel Agency invites adults who enjoy active vacations to delve into the exciting world of SQUASH. Known as a popular recreational game, squash is visually striking, pleasantly exhausting, and undeniably entertaining.

This lively holiday promises a diverse training program every day, along with opportunities for seaside relaxation and communal activities.

Whether alone, with friends, family, or your partner, everyone will find suitable options regardless of age, gender, or group size. Both hobby and advanced players are encouraged to participate, as training sessions will be tailored to different skill levels.

The exceptional program will be led by two excellent coaches in the field, László Imre and Szalai Nóra.

For further information, visit Vista's website or inquire in person at their office located on level -1.

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