You can count on MOM Park in these times as well!


You can count on MOM Park in these times as well!

We live in extraordinary times. The current pandemic has changed a lot of things in our lives. In recent times, rushed everyday life has transformed, many people work from home, while we are all trying to cope with new challenges and slow down a little bit, turn off, or accelerate at other times.

We are sure it raised some questions in you, what should we do differently, how we can make this period more comfortable and bearable, and how to adapt to the changed everydays.
We want you to know that you can count on MOM Park in these times as well, so let's hold on together! Let us find a way to positively exist in this extraordinary situation. Together we will surely succeed at spending these weeks in a useful and pleasant way as part of the MOM Park community!

Activities, meditation, scheduling tips, cooking, learning, cleaning, or a good movie? Whatever your closest activity is, we are preparing tips! In the coming weeks, we will launch our Stay with MOM Park series, where we want to share positive and inspiring content with you in the topics of gastronomy, lifestyle, beauty and fashion to help each other persevere. Find our tips and explore the countless opportunities in this situation. Subscribe to the newsletter and don’t miss any of our tips. Follow us on the social media and share with us on Instagram using #staywithmompark, what new things you try out, and help others spice up their everyday lives at home!

Let's take care of ourselves and each other!
Stick together all the way!

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