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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics founded in 1991 by makeup artist-turned-entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, the brand launched with 10 brown-based lipsticks and a simple mission: to enhance, not cover up, a woman’s individual beauty. Focusing on service and teaching, the brand’s Be Who You Are philosophy is about giving women the right makeup plus the confidence and knowledge they need to look and feel their best. With shades, textures and techniques designed for women of all ages and ethnicities, we offer an inclusive and empowering definition of beauty. It’s simple: be who you are.


Bobbi Brown Cosmetics offers a full range of color cosmetics, brushes, accessories, fragrance and skincare. The brand’s signature concealers, foundations and powders are available in skin tone-correct shades that look natural on all skin tones. Colors for eyes, cheeks and lips are timeless and designed to be as subtle or dramatic as desired. Makeup brushes and tools are professional caliber. Each brush is handmade and designed for precise application. Combining natural essential oils with modern ingredient technologies, the brand’s skincare collection helps prepare skin for a flawless makeup look.


Teaching is a key component of the brand’s philosophy. Inspired by the way women think and talk about makeup, our comprehensive How Tos feature a curated menu of the most asked about application techniques and beauty topics. From how to look less tired to how to glam it up, How Tos are simple, real and approachable. Taught by one of our professionally trained Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists, while the length and scope of How Tos are tailored to each woman’s lifestyle, schedule and interest

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