Opening hours

Monday - Friday:
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday:


+36 1 487 5550
+ 36 80 350 350


Ground floor G105 G58 G56 G55 G54a G53 G52 G54 G54b G50-51 G46 G47 G49b G49a G38 G37a G41 G37b G38-2 G39 G42b G42a G43 G44 G45c G45b G45a G37 G79 G78 G77a G76b G76a G40 G73 G75 G72 G71 G70 G69 G68 G67 G67a G64 G61 G65 G65a G62 G66a G63 G81 G82 G103


MBH Bank - MOM Park Shopping Center, ground floor - wide range of financial solutions with professional customer service. 

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