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As Erwin Müller in Ulm 1953 has established his first barber’s shop, no one has ever wondered, it will be one of the most relevant and precious brand in the field of retail trade. Müller has been developing itself for years and nowadays it possesses more than 800 shops and brings a pleasant shopping experience for the consumers. The secret of the success is not that difficult: pleasant atmosphere, polite service, favourable prices and wide variety of products. Müller has 9 departments: drugstore, bio products, perfumery, natural and organic cosmetics, toys, stationers, household products, stockings and needlework. That’s why Müller is different than its competitors: Müller is more than a simple drugstore.

Müller has 39 own brands in a wide range of different categories with more than 4000 products: cosmetics, personal hygiene, bio foods, natural cosmetics, detergents. Müller Quality Brand – as its name shows - offers products with highly preferred quality and favoured prices.

Müller’s goal is to satisfy its consumers’ needs and desires with different kind of services: with point collection cards, regular customer program and paying attention to special needs (e.g. registration of orders).

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