Opening hours

Monday - Sunday:
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM


+36 20 256 8607

Pet Friendly


1st floor U94 U93 U92 U95c U95a U97 U98a U98 U111 U82 U84 U86 U87 U88 U89 U90 U91 U112b U112 U300 U85 U101 U113


Zingburger & Co is a continuously developing Hungarian gastro company operating since 2013, starting from foodtrucks. The goal of ZING is to offer a menu where everyone can find the perfect dish to their taste, through quality ingredients and working with domestic producers. If you are also following ‘fast casual’ trends and quality ingredient matters for you, come and enjoy the ZING experience at MOM Park!

The shop accepts SZÉP-Card.

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