Brunch in Spíler Buda!


Brunch in Spíler Buda!

Special lunch awaits gastronomic lovers every week, Sunday from 11:30 to 16:00 at Spíler Buda!

As an appetizer, brunch guests can snack from the bistro table but the main character of Sunday lunches, the broth will also be on the table. Then you can choose from 5-6 different main courses, but at the end of the meal you cannot miss the sweets, which comes in the form of a dessert selection! Sunday lunch is accompanied by unlimited sparkling wine, wines, beers, mineral water, syrup and lemonade, as well as a Budapest Mokka specialty coffee. Comfort cannot be missed either, at the brunch everything is served at the table.

There are two types of package offers for Sunday lunch, with or without alcohol. If you do not wish to taste everything, it is still worth visiting Spíler Buda, because the dishes can be ordered one by one from the a la carte range! In view of the increased interest, it is recommended to book a table before arrival. Savor the atmosphere of Sunday lunch in the heart of Buda at MOM Park!

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