Discover MOM Park’s finest flavours!


Discover MOM Park’s finest flavours!

How about a nice salad or a pastry in the morning? A glass of wine after lunch or dessert for the afternoon coffee? Learn about the offers and special atmosphere of our restaurants! Whether it is a quick lunch, a romantic dinner or a friendly meeting, you will surely find many favorites at one place in MOM Park!

Start the day with a super breakfast and divine coffee! Bagatelle MOM Park offers a selection of excellent pastries and desserts in addition to breads made from real sourdough! What is more, you can have a brunch here before work or enjoy a warm breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bakery lovers should also drop by á table! if they wish to start the day with special gastronomic experiences, and those who swear by fresh salads should choose Fruccola! In addition to vitamin-rich vegetables, there are also delicious sandwiches on offer, so you can even stop by with the children before school!

Do you only have time a for a quick lunch? MOM Park offers delicious and fresh foods between meetings! The Foodstock open kitchen will prepare your choice of meat in a fresh and fast way either in bread or a tortilla-wrap! Lovers of Italian flavours can also experience special food and a real Mediterranean atmosphere at Da Lello and Vapiano! Leroy Bistro, Spíler Buda and Paulaner also offer a menu for diverse flavour lovers and returning guests! The last three restaurants can also be a great place to relax after work! As an unadulterated Budapest place for Bavarian life, Paulaner awaits you with real Bavarian cuisine in addition to beers! In Spíler Buda, fans of rock and glamour will feel at home, whether it is a social gathering or a date! Leroy is famous for its special atmosphere, grilled dishes and a wide range of sushi in addition to classic Hungarian meals! Besides Leroy, Asian flavour enthusiasts can also choose Wasabi in MOM Park!

Would you like to sweeten the day with some special desserts? Stop by Angelo or Szamos between meetings and refuel from their fine cookies. Ask for a chocolate delicacy in á table! or a delicious pastry cake in Bagatelle MOM Park! And if you are addicted to ice cream, you must try the ice creams of Häagen-Dazs, where you can also find extra-sized dumplings, cakes and divine coffee!

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