One man, two cases


A clever combination of similar garments can make a trendy man appear in more than one style. Choose from MOM Park shops, whether casual or smart casual outfit is close to you!

The two styles are quite close to each other, as the shirt and fabric or jeans are also an integral part of both, the essential difference being a key piece: the jacket. Which can be combined with turtlenecks for a more elegant outfit, and if you put on a chelsea boot to the jeans, the end result will already stand out from everyday wear. In Griff you will find the jacket that suits you best, you can even choose jeans. Jump into to Gant for a pretty sweater and to Office Shoes for an elegant boot.

Those who feel better in casual should rather get a pair of boots from Salamander or CCC. A leather jacket goes well with it, 4_Skandinavia may be the right place to find the ideal piece. A Reserved chino pants and a cool Gant shirt can complete the set, but of course no rules, the point is a self-identical, stylish look.

Take a look around the fashion shops at MOM Park and get inspired to leave with your new creations!

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