Recharge on winter evenings!


Get a warm blanket, some goodies, a good book or magazine from MOM Park, get under the blanket at home, and enjoy every moment of your sweet vacation!

On cold winter evenings, it is a great way to retreat a bit, relax and unwind from the worries of the past year, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Jump into Butlers, choose a comfortable pillow, a soft blanket, a nice new cup, and a candle with a pleasant scent. At Libri, you will find something to suit your mood, a cool magazine at  Inmedio booth, and the delicacies that complete the experience. Anita Delicate awaits you with divine teas, and from our patisseries - á table !, Szamos, Bagatelle, or the recently opened Angelo & Flódnis - take home the cake that sweetens your reading. If you need new glasses, check out the Vision Express store and choose from the most fashionable models.

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