Winter is over. After months of greyness and cold temperatures, spring weather is finally on the horizon. With the arrival of the new season, completely different effects affect our skin. How, then, to prep your face for sunnier days ahead? Here are some of our tips on getting healthy, gorgeous skin just in time for summer!

First thing in the morning: after cleansing your face, moisturize your skin - including your face, neck and neckline area - with a product that suits your skin type. What is your skin type? You should know! It is always a good idea to determine it before choosing both a facial cleanser or cream: dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive. Our tip: You can already find related tests on the internet so you can easily decide what type of facial skin you have. And here comes the sun, which means it is time to up that SPF.

Spring is the prime time to return to peeling and skin scrub to brighten the dull skin. It magically clears congested and clogged pores beneath the skin's surface. With just a few exfoliations a week, your facial skin will be refreshed and tightened. Ready. Set. Glow! And with the various face masks (not those masks, the other ones!), we can deliver minerals and vitamins to your skin, which will smooth and make your face full of life!

Now let’s talk about lips! SPF protection is also important in this case: choose one that also contains sunscreen. You can easily find the perfect lip care product at drugstores! You will find a wide range of facial care products to suit your skin type - cleansers, creams, sunscreens, masks, scrubs - in dmDouglas, Yves RocherMüller and Adrienne Feller stores, which offer ones with only natural ingredients! And to protect the sensitive skin of the eye, it is essential to have stylish sunglasses from Optic World and Vision Express that provide adequate light protection!

Beauty comes from within, as the saying goes. This is also true for our skin: it is not enough to care externally, you can take care of your health with the right intake of minerals and vitamins. Complete your diet: choose from SPAR’s vegetables and fruits, or order from Fruccola’s menu of fresh ingredients and locally squeezed juices! Remember, the best skincare is calmness: relax enough, walk in the open air and drink enough fluids!

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