Tips for seasonal haircare


It's worth paying special attention to your hair care from May onwards. Do you know which products are useful to make your hair shine even brighter in the sun? We have rounded them up - stay tuned!

Spring-summer is a challenging time to care for your hair, as environmental stresses and high temperatures can damage not only your hair, but also your scalp. Strong UV rays, chlorinated or salt water, frequent hair washing and styling, and dry air all pose a threat to hair health. It's important to prepare for the arrival of summer early and to use products that protect the hair's structure and contain natural ingredients where possible.

The most sensitive issue is shampoo: you need to be aware of the attributes to your hair. Thick or thin, dry or greasy, dull or shiny, each hair type requires its own specific care. You can't go wrong with Yves Rocher, who are committed to using natural ingredients, but Evital's pharmacy also has a wide range of products that can be suitable for your hairstyle.

Once you have found the perfect shampoo, it is time to choose the right conditioner. It is worth a visit to dm or Müller, where you will find a range of products that are gentle on the hair, strengthen the strands and make it easy to comb out.

But shampoo and conditioner are not always enough, they need fortifying against the drying power of seawater and sunlight. It is a good time to include conditioners in your spring-summer hair care routine: they replenish the strands with valuable nutrients and prevent drying, so it is worth using them once a week during the warm months. Favour moisturising products and light oils can also be useful - you can find your favourites at Douglas.

Once your hair is fully refreshed, all that is missing is a flawless makeup to perfect your look. A wide range of waterproof, long-lasting make-up from different brands is available at dm and Müller, and for those who are after neutral shades, Bobbi Brown is the way to go.

Visit the beauty stores at MOM Park and find cosmetics to suit your needs and style, to ensure your look is flawless for this season!

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