A broad selection of SUPs at Intersport!


The best way to spend a warm summer is near or on the water! In the MOM Park Intersport store, you will find a wide range of durable SUP boards: be a beginner, advanced or professional user, here you are sure to find what you are looking for! SUPs are convenient and available with accessories.

Experience the most beautiful moments of summer on the waterfront with a durable board! At MOM Park Intersport, you can also find three categories of SUP boards: all-around boards for the average hobby user, compact boards that can be packed 40% smaller, and performance or hiking SUPs that have significantly higher load capacity. For added comfort and barefoot use, the tops of the boards are covered with a soft EVA cover.

The sides of FIREFLY boards are reinforced with stabilizing and stiffening PVC elements. The fins of SUPs, or the skegs, are removable and are made by recycled fishing nets in an environmentally conscious way. All SUP packages offered by the MOM Park Intersport store include, without exception, an adjustable-length paddle blade, a double-chamber pump, a practical luggage rope or net, a replaceable skeg (fin), a repair kit and safety rope.

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